Karting2Live is to motivate with the inspirational message of achievement in the face of extreme adversity. Karting2Live utilizes action sports through our karting program, which pushes the boundary of possibility for those with limited physical function needing to drive with special hand controlled devices. Like individuals with spinal cord injury, amputees and others like our war heros who got injured serving our country so we can have our freedom. Most importantly use of both hands to control the go kart.

How to get involved with Karting2Live

Interested in our Program or know someone who might be?

Karting2live is currently offering opportunities for 1 on 1 driving experiences in Southern California. These are zero cost arrive and drive programs that are designed to introduce you to karting using special hand controlled karts.

Our focus is on Individuals with spinal cord injury and amputees. This experience provides independence, motivation, physical therapy, excitement and most of all fun in life.

Currently all karting experiences are held at Cal Speed Karting Center: www.calspeedkarting.com

Ready to get behind the wheel?

Contact:  eric@karting2live.com 
Short term goals: 10 complete karts with hand controls and garage spaces at Cal Speed Karting Center

Midterm goals:  Big Charity Event---Cal Speed--- Beginning of 2011

Long term goals:  Establish official Karting2Live tracks throughout the U.S. Tour to big events with fleet of karts.

Interested in Supporting Karting2Live

Karting2Live exists solely on the support of people like you. Without your help we would not be able to make a difference within the physically challenged community and the world as a whole.  We hope that you will feel inspired to lend your support to Karting2Live by donating to our general fund.

We accept different types of non-monetary donations including karting supplies/parts, merchandise that can be auctioned, karting suits, and many other non-monetary donations. If you are unsure just contact us.

Of course Karting2live will also accept checks or money orders. We will provide all the required tax benefit paperwork with each donation.

Please make check payable to Karting2Live and mail to :

255 N. El Cielo Ste.140-385
Palm Springs, CA. 92262             Tax Id#263720117

Your donations will help in our hand controls karting program.  Major corporate sponsorships are also available and a complete company and sponsorship packet can be provided upon request.  If you are interested in receiving a Sponsorship Packet please send us an email requesting the information along with your mailing address and phone number.

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