Karting2Live is to motivate with the inspirational message of achievement in the face of extreme adversity. Karting2Live utilizes action sports through our karting program, which pushes the boundary of possibility for those with limited physical function needing to drive with special hand controlled devices. Like individuals with spinal cord injury, amputees and others like our war heros who got injured serving our country so we can have our freedom. Most importantly use of both hands to control the go kart.

Why Karting?

  Every weekend around the world people race motorized vehicles. Racing is a sport, a past time, a recreational activity, and platform for innovation. In fact, many great innovations were developed in the racing community.  After analyzing the needs in racing and karting in general, the opportunity arose to not only educate racers and spectators concerning the physically challenged but also help to implement hand control programs within the racing community.

The Need for Innovation in Rehabilitation

-There are approximately 12,000 newly paralyzed people annually. Over one million people are living paralyzed today. 56% of injuries occur between the ages 16 and 30, 78% are male, 16% are related to sporting or recreation accidents.    

-Under served market in need of expanded tools for rehabilitation. Not only vocational rehabilitation… but life rehabilitation.

- Having your life changed in an instant doesn’t get cured by doctors. It is cured from within and a chance to find your new confidence, purpose, and life…

- Educating, Motivating and Spreading Awareness- Changing the eyes and thoughts of the general public, as well as those with spinal cord injuries, that anything is possible as long as you want it.

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